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BNO - The preferred and referred business broker service of numerous Ohio attorneys, accountants, bankers, financial advisers and realtors.

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BNO Overview

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John A. Naayers,
President of BNO, has been involved in the sale and acquisition of businesses and related real estate in excess of twenty years as a business and real estate lawyer. 
Steve Lopez,
Broker and Advisor of BNO, has been involved in business analysis, development, transfer and consulting since 1996.

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing  BNO to sell you business comes form BNO's vast developed network of professional relationships throughout the State of Ohio - hence its name, "Business Network of Ohio".  BNO's network consists of other attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, insurance advisors, business consultants, commercial realtors, bankers and other professionals, who, in turn, each have client bases.  One of BNO's primary marketing efforts is to confidentially and generically disclose the sale of your business to its network of professionals, who, in turn, relay such to their potentially interested clients.

  • BNO is owned & operated by an attorney with 20+ years of experience in business sales and transactions.
  • BNO is an Ohio-based business broker firm that specializes in servicing Ohio based businesses.
  • BNO has fully staffed brick and mortar offices in North Ohio (Toledo) and South Ohio (Dayton) to better serve its clients.
  • BNO offers FREE initial consultation.
  • BNO does NOT require a large engagement fee.
  • BNO has a performance based fee structure.


BNO Seller Services (Business Sale)

  • Strict confidentially and buyer pre-qualification
  • Preparation of a business summary: expedites transaction and maximizes sale price
  • Business consultation to maximize sale price
  • Transaction structure advice
  • Tailored marketing
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BNO Buyer Services (Business Purchase)

  • Non-disclosed identity
  • Tailored search plan
  • Transaction structure advice
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BNO Other Services

  • BNO has been advising and assisting in the sale or purchase of a wide range of businesses throughout Ohio since 1997.  BNO specializes in businesses that sell between $100,000 - $9,000,000.

We are successfully and favorably brokering the sale of businesses throughout Ohio despite economic and financing difficulties.

We specialize in the sale of businesses that sell between $100,000 - $9,000,000.00.

If you have an interest in confidentially discussing the sale of your business with an experienced business broker that is also an experienced transactional attorney, please contact me at your earliest convenience or click here to fill out and return the Interest Summary by fax, mail or scan / email.

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Top Business Value Factors

Financial Results (Accounting Records)
The extent of the gross revenue, profitability and positive cash flow of a business are major factors affecting the value or price of a business and its desirability and salability.  The completeness and cleanliness of the accounting records obviously play a role in this regard.

Business Trend, Potential and Scalability
Buyers prefer a business that is trending upward with the potential for continued growth on an even greater scale.

Recurring Revenue and Customer Loyalty
Buyers prefer a business with predictable future revenue from recurring contracts and/or long term relationships with happy and satisfied customers.

Customer Diversification
Buyers prefer a business that is not heavily concentrated on only one or a few customers.

Good Team and Lack of Owner Dependence
Buyers prefer a business that has a good team in place (management, operations, and sales) without the business being overly dependent upon the owner or the owner being the primary contact for customers.

Separation From Competition
Buyers prefer a business with a higher barrier of entry, selling a service or product that is unique, proprietary or branded.

The key to successfully selling your business at a maximum price is to engage a professional and experienced business broker who knows how to best present your business.

BNO is the preferred and referred business broker of numerous Ohio attorneys, accountants, bankers, financial advisors, realtors and satisfied business owners.


Critical Considerations When Selling Your Business

Most business owners sell a business only one time!  It is a major event that requires expertise, knowledge and experience.

A maximum sale price is most always the objective of a business seller.  However, to achieve the goal of a sale and at a maximum price, the business must be properly valued and priced.

BNO has the resources and professional connections necessary.

To achieve a sale and at a maximum price in a confidential manner as not to inform competitors, customers or employees, an experienced broker with a proven marketing system and a network of buyers and professional referral sources is essential.

BNO has the experience, system and network necessary.

To achieve a sale and at a maximum price, appropriate and available financing must be arranged

BNO has the lender contacts necessary.

To achieve a sale and at a maximum price, the broker must be fully committed to what can be a difficult, arduous, and contentious journey that often requires creativity to keep the deal on track toward closing.

BNO is fully committed to its clients and possesses the unique creativity of an experienced business transaction attorney.



BNO - Business Sales, Business Acquisition, Business Valuation, Sale Preparation Consulting and Transaction Structuring.

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Two Locations in Ohio: Toledo and Dayton

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